Model training & Fine-tuning

Tailored language models are crucial for precision and performance in custom document processing situations. Configure these models to your domain use case with increased accuracy, stability, and data privacy. Train a model using a small set of annotated documents to create a personalised document processing solution.
Higher accuracy
Stable language models
Data safety
Isolated custom models
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Tackling incoming documents can be a daunting task for businesses, but with Send AI, you're in control. Our software empowers you to train and configure your own vision and language models to extract all the information right into your systems, fast. Benefit from finely tuned classification, extraction, and custom validation logic tailored to your unique needs.
Less errors
Lower cost
How it works

Train your own language model

Send AI allows you to train and configure a language model to your specific needs. Whether you’re in the logistics industry or insurance sector. Fine-tune models to extract data accurately from your documents with only 50-100 annotated documents.

A reinforced learning model

Send AI minimises human errors and decreases error rates in document processing. Your language model continually enhances its performance by learning from corrected data as you refine predictions over time.

Your Data, Your Models

You actually own the AI models, allowing bespoke fine tuning. No one-size-fits-all. Boost your accuracy, compliance and competitive advantage with Send AI.

Reduce Errors and Costs

Reduce manual copy+paste work to an absolute minimum with machine level precision. Automate up to 95% of your document processing workflow.

Human in the Loop

You stay in control. Our easy to use interface enables fast corrections on any exports that needs extra validation. The system automatically improves on your feedback.

Case study

Saving $1.5m in the first year of using Send AI

The insurance industry plays a crucial role in safeguarding individuals and businesses. Historically, technology hasn't been the central focus, leading to a reliance on manual processes. The exchange of numerous documents between customers and insurers has been a common practice, demanding considerable time and effort from employees who manually input information into systems.

Recognizing the challenges in this process, our solution was designed to empower individuals in the industry. Our aim is to enhance efficiency by enabling faster and more accurate document processing. By addressing the time-consuming task of reading and manually inputting information, our solution supports employees in streamlining their workflows, reducing errors, and ultimately improving the overall happiness of their customers.


Embracing technology within your claims processing can yield remarkable results. It's the key to unlocking the full potential of your data, paving the way for increased business opportunities, and ultimately, fostering happier, more satisfied customers.

The Challenge

In this business case, the primary hurdle we faced was the substantial volume of unstructured data that required integration into the company's database, a process that was previously carried out manually. We encountered a diverse range of document types, including scanned documents and images, each necessitating a company-specific data processing approach.
Operational Efficiency
NPS score
Reimbursement period
Data insights
Employee satisfaction
Error reduction
Customer base

How Send AI was used to solved it?

Understanding that each company processes unique data, a highly adaptable system has been developed, tailored to specific needs. The model is trained on various document types and company business rules, ensuring accurate data extraction, verification, and review. This empowers large enterprises to maximize the tool's capabilities.
Fine-tuned for one customer

Higher accuracy with custom language models tailored to your document flow

Reach higher accuracy with a custom trained language model for your document processes. Train your document processing model fast with only 50-100 example documents. Maintain control and data privacy with your own isolated solution.
Tailored language model
Higher accuracy
Data privacy
Maintain control
Accuracy graph for language models compared to send ai