Faster claims processing with Send AI

Solving Insurance Challenges: Effortlessly process unstructured claims for timely and error-free reimbursements.
Tackling incoming documents can be a daunting task for businesses, but with Send AI, you're in control. Our software empowers you to train and configure your own vision and language models to extract all the information right into your systems, fast. Benefit from finely tuned classification, extraction, and custom validation logic tailored to your unique needs.
Less errors
Lower cost
How it works

Document classification & splitting

Various claims may arrive bundled in a single document. The initial step involves splitting these documents based on their content. This enables us to subsequently process all similar documents simultaneously in the next phase.

Information extraction

For each document type, you can employ one of our pre-trained models or train a model yourself to extract relevant information. In the case of scanned documents or photos, we utilize OCR technology beforehand, which is capable of extracting text from images.


To ensure extracted values are correct, you can apply business rules that verifies whether a customer, code, or product exists in your database. Users can also set confidence scores for the AI models. Anomalies are corrected by a human, which improves the extraction engine.

Decrease Reimbursement Period

  • Regulation might force insurers to resolve a claim within a prescribed settlement period, which increases the pressure for compliance.
  • Insurers utilize a rapid payback time as a USP to attract new customers.

Save Costs with Error Reduction

  • Automated validation processes effectively reduce errors.
  • Accurate processing contributes to minimizing claims leakage, potentially saving insurers millions of euros annually.

Increase Productivity by 3-5x

  • Rising bankruptcies and an aging population are intensifying operational demands on insurers.
  • In an economy experiencing labor shortage, insurers struggle in finding talent.
Case study

Saving $1.5m in the first year of using Send AI

The insurance industry plays a crucial role in safeguarding individuals and businesses. Historically, technology hasn't been the central focus, leading to a reliance on manual processes. The exchange of numerous documents between customers and insurers has been a common practice, demanding considerable time and effort from employees who manually input information into systems.

Recognizing the challenges in this process, our solution was designed to empower individuals in the industry. Our aim is to enhance efficiency by enabling faster and more accurate document processing. By addressing the time-consuming task of reading and manually inputting information, our solution supports employees in streamlining their workflows, reducing errors, and ultimately improving the overall happiness of their customers.


Embracing technology within the claims processing flow can yield remarkable results. Increasing efficiency while reducing error rates is the key to unlocking the full potential of your operations. Increase business opportunities with higher competitive advantage, and ultimately, foster happier, more satisfied customers.

The Challenge

The primary hurdle this insurance company faced was the substantial volume of unstructured data that required integration into their database, a process that until now was carried out manually. The diverse range of document types, including scanned documents and images, each in need of a company-specific data processing approach, required multiple specialised data entry teams.
Operational Efficiency
NPS score
Reimbursement period
Data insights
Employee satisfaction
Error reduction
Customer base

How Send AI was used to solved it?

By adopting Send AI it was possible to train custom language models that process various document types tailored to company specific needs. With limited training data high accuracy information extraction was reached in a short amount of time. Send AI provided an essential suite of tools to rapidly incorporate AI technology into the claims processing workflow from document to database.

Speed up your claim processing and reduce human errors

The power of Send AI is the ability to fine-tune the vision and language models that help you process documents, scans, and emails. Together with configurable post processing logic and a Human In The Loop component, you are capable of achieving the highest accuracy possible.
Boosts Efficiency
Streamlines Workflows
Saves Time
Reduces Costs
Accuracy graph for language models compared to send ai