Document Processing

Cut significant cost on your document handling.
Parse, classify, extract, validate, and export data.
Just send it!
Tackling incoming documents can be a daunting task for businesses, but with Send AI, you're in control. Our software empowers you to train and configure your own vision and language models to extract all the information right into your systems, fast. Benefit from finely tuned classification, extraction, and custom validation logic tailored to your unique needs.
Less errors
Lower cost
How it works

Send your documents

Connect via secure APIs or send your documents over email. Upon arrival, Send AI makes several visual enhancements before sending them to our language models.

Classify and Extract

Detect document types and extract key information using language models that are fine-tuned for you, and for you alone.

Validate and Export

Guarantee 99.99% export accuracy by applying custom logic to validate the predictions. Structure and enrich the data to fit right into your systems.

Your Data, Your Models

You actually own the AI models, allowing bespoke fine tuning. No one-size-fits-all. Boost your accuracy, compliance and competitive advantage with Send AI.

Reduce Errors and Costs

Reduce manual copy+paste work to an absolute minimum with machine level precision. Automate up to 95% of your document processing workflows.

Human in the Loop

You stay in control. Our easy to use interface enables fast corrections on any exports that needs extra validation. The system automatically improves on your feedback.


Built to effortlessly streamline your workflows

From claims to statements, find out how Send AI can streamline document processing for your business.

Scan to Text

Send AI applies Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to transform images or scans into readable text. All while preserving the original structure.
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Data extraction

Train a custom language model and turn on data extraction mode. Entities will be extracted automatically based on a small training set. Extract with high accuracy in no time.
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Model Training

This feature allows users to craft personalised language models tailored to their unique use cases, enabling the recognition of specific entities in documents.
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Data Export

Export processed data to your liking. Ensure entities match specific data types, with an added validation option called Type Checking.
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“With Send AI we are able to process our daily flood of emails within hours instead of days. Besides saving time, we also get access to our commercial data much faster."
Broker at Odin
“Our partnership with Send AI has elevated our Intelligent Automation services. Their user friendly, AI-driven document processing has enabled us to also automate the most complex tasks for our clients. We’re happy to collaborate with Send AI, a game changer in intelligent document processing."
Partner at FlowRobotics
Work with our partners

Fast track your automation

Did you now we work with many great partners who have built vertically integrated solutions on top of Send AI? There are many benefits of working with one of our partners. Inquire about the possibilities across Insurance, Transport & Logistics, Government, and Retail.

Implement faster with prebuilt solutions

Tap in on a wide range of language models with deep domain knowledge without having to train anything yourself upfront. Forget about technical integrations and user management.

Build with higher validation levels

Our partners go the extra mile by providing extra layers of data validation and structuring logic. Of course you can still append your own logic to the process pipeline.

Receive a full service package

Have the partner handle exceptions and report crooked documents. Everything is taken care of.

Protecting your data

At Send AI we are proud to be trusted with handling sensitive data. This requires the highest standards of data security and company compliance, which comes down to more than just having the right certifications.
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Encryption everywhere
ISO/SOC2 infrasctructure
Single tenant storage
GDPR proof